Brewista Smart Scale II


The Brewista Smart Scale II has been developed with the barista in mind, featuring six easy to use modes. It is perfect for both espresso and pour-over brewing methods, and it now comes with a rechargeable battery.  The new 2020 model features a blue LCD screen and tactile buttons.

Operating modes:

  • Mode 1: Fully manual mode - User tares & starts timer manually. 

  • Mode 2: Espresso mode - Auto-tare and auto-timer with immediate timer start.

  • Mode 3: Espresso mode - Auto-tare with a manual-timer start.

  • Mode 4: Espresso mode - Auto-tare only. The timer is not active.

  • Mode 5: Espresso mode - Auto-tare and auto-timer with timer starting when liquid hits cup.

  • Mode 6: Pour Over mode - Manual tare and timer functions. 

Note: Micro USB charging cable is not included