WMF 1100S (Coff/Choc/Steam)

WMF 1100S Coffee Machine


The WMF 1100S is a German-made commercial fully automatic coffee machine ideal for offices of 100 staff or workplaces making up to 100 cups daily.  The fully customizable touchscreen can be programmed with up to 16 drink selections, including automatic chocolates and mochas to suit your requirements.  Three cup sizes, adjustable dispensing orders, and user-defined drink names are just some available options.  Adjust the coffee strength to suit your personal preference without affecting programmed settings.  Milk is automatically drawn from the fridge and dispensed directly into the cup.  The built-in steam wand allows staff to steam alternative milk from lactose-free to soy, oat and almond.  Start the milk system clean (<1 min) and walk away at the end of the day.


  • 100 staff office

  • 100 cups per day

  • Made in Germany

  • Fresh coffee beans and fresh milk

  • Fully automatic operation (Self-service)

  • Fully programmable touchscreen (16 drink options)

  • Cappuccino, cafe latte, flat white, macchiato, long black, espresso, chocolate, mocha and hot water

  • Adjust coffee strength to suit personal preference

  • Manual milk frothing for alternative milk 

  • Built-in low wear, low noise grinder with adjustable grind fineness 

  • Grinds up to 15 grams of coffee for true double shots

  • Pre-ground coffee option

  • HACCP Certified Click & Clean milk system clean

  • Fully automatic coffee system clean

  • Standard 10 amp powerpoint

  • Water filtration system (No descaling)


What's Included

Special Offer: 1st - 31st August

Purchase the WMF 1100S coffee machine and select a FREE Milk fridge.

Standard Inclusions

  • Machine setup

  • Delivery

  • Lifetime support

  • 12-month warranty

  • Jura smart connect

  • 2 kg of coffee beans

  • 250g drinking chocolate

  • Chocolate shaker

  • Cleaning product pack

Service & Support

We provide service and support for all the commercial coffee machines we sell with warranty options, service programs, cleaning services and loan machines. 

Finance Option

This finance option allows you to rent the WMF 1100S coffee machine over a 24 or 36-month term and purchase coffee beans from the supplier of your choice.  Accessories can be packaged and rented with the coffee machine.  Give us a call or email an enquiry for a written quotation on the package that suits your requirements.

Rental Term Per week (ex GST)
24-month term $95.91
36-month term $70.03

End-of-term options: Continue to rent, purchase, upgrade or hand back.



No. of staff 50 - 100


Water tank 

Coffee hopper

Choc canister

Used coffee bin

25 cups (4 litres)

40 cups (550g)

25 cups (450g)

30 cups

Dimensions W x H x D (cm)

WMF 1100S

WMF 1100S + Milk fridge (1 x 2 litres)

WMF 1100S + Milk fridge (2 x 2 litres)

Clearance required above the benchtop

32 x 50 x 56

57 x 50 x 56

70 x 50 x 56





Std 10 amp  Powerpoint

2,300 Watts