Jura Milk System Cleaner Mini Tabs 180g


Jura's milk system cleaner now comes in the convenient form of Mini Tabs.  Mini Tabs replace the Jura milk system cleaning solution to make cleaning even easier.  Click once for the correct dose.  When used as part of Jura's automatic cleaning program, they effectively remove milk fats and proteins, keeping the milk tubes clean and hygienic for consistently fine milk foam.

Jura's milk system cleaner contains no phosphates. The optimised formula guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene for your milk system while protecting the environment at the same time.

Mini Tab refills

Refills are available.  When the container is empty after 60 doses, unscrew the dosing cap, remove the cap from the refill container, and fit the dosing cap to the refill container.


Dissolve one dose in 250 ml of water,   or click one dose into the cleaning container if your Jura model has one-touch cleaning.

Available in

Original bottle and Refill bottle - Each bottle contains 60 doses