Jura 24065

Jura Cool Control 2.5 Litre Milk Cooler


At just 15cm wide, the 2.5 litres Jura cool control milk cooler is ideal for locations where bench space is limited.  The cooler is non-wearing and CFC-free using the Peltier cooling effect.  The milk temperature and milk level are displayed on top of the cooler.  Once a temperature of 4°C has been reached, the milk is kept at the optimum temperature.  The high-quality 2.5-litre stainless steel container can be filled quickly and easily without removing it from the cooler.  The carry handle allows the milk container to be removed for storage in the refrigerator or washing in the dishwasher.  A wireless option allows the milk cooler to communicate directly with the coffee machine reminding the user when the cooler needs topping up.



  • Maintains 4° (Cools to a max of 25 deg below ambient)

  • Digital temperature display

  • Milk level display

  • Add milk easily without the need to remove the milk container

  • Wireless low-level warning (Jura models with built-in wireless only) 

  • Cover made from high-quality 1.5mm stainless steel

  • Suitable for all models except for the Jura Impressa X9

  • Components that come in contact with milk are dishwasher safe


  • Capacity: 2.5-litre milk

  • Cooling: 25° below ambient temperature / Maintains 4° 

  • Power: 50W

  • Weight: 3.4kg

  • Dimensions (cm): 15.0 W x 23.4 H x 31.9 D 

Compatible with

  • All models

Download manual