Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets 25 pack


To make the care of your machine as easy as possible, every Jura coffee machine has a brewing unit that cleans itself at the touch of a button.  The new 3-phase cleaning tablet is the outcome of intensive research and offers even better results, thanks to an additional protection phase that provides lasting protection against mineral deposits.

Phase 1: Cleaning

The brewing unit and brewing sieve are thoroughly rinsed in hot water at 80°C. The powerful formula of the cleaning tablets effectively removes traces of coffee fat and oil which can alter the taste and quality of the coffee.

Phase 2: Care

In the second phase, the care phase, special active ingredients form a protective barrier on the surfaces of the components, preventing coffee residue and fats from building up.

NEW phase 3: Protection

In the newly developed third phase, complexing agents provide lasting protection against mineral deposits.


With the 3-phase cleaning tablets, you can clean, care for and protect your Jura automatic coffee machine all in one go. The result is hygienic cleanliness, a longer service life – and the perfect coffee, cup after cup. 

Consistently eco-friendly

At Jura, environmentally responsible product design is just as important as sustainable resources and energy. That's why Jura uses a phosphate-free formula for its original cleaning tablets. This optimised formula guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene for your coffee machine and also has a lower environmental impact.