Eureka MSil 50E Grinder Black

Eureka Mignon Silenzio 50E Coffee Grinder


The Eureka Mignon Silenzio 50E 16CR is the entry-level grinder in the Eureka range.  Eureka, located in Florence, Italy, has been a leading company in designing and manufacturing coffee grinders since 1920.  With 50mm commercial-grade flat burrs and a micrometric stepless grinder adjustment, the grind can be easily adjusted to perfectly suit your coffee plunger or espresso machine.  

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  • Black, Chrome or white​

Benefits of the Silenzio include

  • Silent technology - The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces the grinding noise by approximately 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders.
  • Anti-clump technology - Prevents the development of clumps and eliminates electrostatic charge.
  • Espresso & brew - The burrs are suitable for preparing Espresso and all the Filter coffee varieties.
  • Stepless Micrometric adjustment - This patented system is based on the lower burr repositioning, guaranteeing superior grinding performance.
  • Timed dose A grind time adjustment on the grinder base allows you to grind a timed dose.
  • Easy blade replacement and cleaning - The clever design allows for easy replacement and cleaning of the burr set.
  • Hands-Free - The portafilter support suits any portafilter allowing hands-free grinding.


  • Made in Italy

  • 50mm flat burrs

  • Stepless grind adjustment

  • 300-gram bean hopper

  • 260 Watt motor

  • 1.2 - 1.6 grams/sec

  • Speed 1,350 rpm

  • Dimensions (cm) 12W x 35H x 18D

  • Weight 5.6kg

Mignon Silenzio - Set Up & Usage

Mignon Silent Range - Cleaning and burrs substitution

Mignon Silent Range - Chute group cleaning​

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