Lelit Coffee Tamper Aluminium


The new range of Lelit tampers are precise fit tamps designed to suit your filter basket perfectly.  Unlike standard 57mm and 58mm tampers which leave a gap between the edge of the base and the basket, the new Lelit Tampers have 57.35mm and 58.55mm bases for a perfect fit.


  • Polished wood handle with an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the hand palm

  • Guiding rings along the base help to adjust the angle of the tamper so that it stays perfectly horizontal 

  • Little lip helps airflow around the tamper and reduces suction while removing the tamper

Suitable for

Machines with 57mm group heads are compatible with the 57.35mm Tamper.

Machines with 58mm group heads are compatible with the 58.55mm Tamper.