Jura GIGA X8C Gen II Office Rental Package


The Jura GIGA X8C Gen II is a Swiss-made commercial fully automatic coffee machine suitable for 100 - 150 staff offices.  Each drink can be programmed and positioned on the screen to suit your requirements.  Two cup sizes, adjustable dispensing orders, and user-defined drink names are just some available options.  The GIGA X8C can also pour coffee and milk simultaneously for locations where speed is essential.  Adjust the coffee strength to suit your personal preference without affecting programmed settings.   You can also make coffees hands-free from your phone or tablet.  Milk is automatically drawn from the milk cooler or fridge and dispensed directly into the cup at your programmed temperature.  Adding the optional ProSteam milk steamer allows staff to steam alternative milk from lactose-free to soy, oat and almond.  Start the milk system clean (<1 min) and walk away.


  • 100 - 150 staff office

  • Made in Switzerland

  • Fresh coffee beans & fresh milk

  • Fully automatic operation (Self-service)

  • Fully programmable touchscreen (16 drink options)

  • Programmable milk temperature (10 levels)

  • Contactless smartphone/tablet operation (Includes smart connect for J.O.E®)

  • Selection options include ristretto, espresso, espresso doppio, long black, cappuccino, cafe latte, flat white, macchiato, milk, and hot water.

  • Make two milk or two black coffees at the same time

  • Make two drink sizes - Cups & Mugs

  • Adjust coffee strength to suit personal preference

  • Low wear, low noise adjustable ceramic grinder

  • Grinds up to 16 grams of coffee for true double shots

  • Optimal extraction for espressos (Pulse extraction process P.E.P.®)

  • Pre-ground coffee option

  • Start 'end of the day clean' and walk away (Automatic milk clean)

  • Fully automatic coffee system clean (No disassembly)

  • Save on power consumption (Energy save mode)

  • Superior coffee quality and no descaling (Claris Pro smart filter)

  • Must be connected to plumbing



Office Rental Package 

Office rental package Per week (ex GST)
Jura GIGA X8C Gen II + Milk fridge $75
Add ProSteam milk steamer Add $5

What's Included

  • A Jura GIGA X8C Gen II coffee machine

  • 1 x 2-milk fridge or a 2 x 2-litre milk fridge

  • Installation & training

  • Scheduled servicing

  • Loan machines

  • On-site repairs

  • Inspection and clean every 12 weeks



  • No lock-in contract

  • Simple 100% tax-deductible monthly rental

  • Select from our range of over 20 popular brands of coffee beans

  • No service or repair bills and a free inspection / clean every 12 weeks


In an office of 150 staff with 60% drinking two coffees per day = 900 coffees per week.

Over 3 years, you will save $28,350 compared to a capsule system costing 65 cents per capsule, and you will save $75,600 compared to a $1 per cup system.

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No. staff 100 - 150


Water tank

Coffee hopper

Used coffee bin

50 cups (5.0 litre)

120 cups (2 x 650g)

40 cups

Dimensions W x H x D (cm)


GIGA X8 + Milk fridge (1 x 2 litres)

GIGA X8 + Milk fridge (2 x 2 litres)

Clearance required above the benchtop

37 x 57 x 50

63 x 57 x 50

75 x 57 x 50





Standard Powerpoint

2,700 Watts